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Choosing your equipment is no easy task. I spent a great deal of time and research before I purchased my first piece of equipment.

I've tried to break down the equipment into logical sections to give you an overview and let you dive deeper as you select your own equipment. You can register and store this equipment in your profile or wish list.


Outside of using my own eyes, binoculars were the first piece of equipment I purchased. I did this after researching and receiving tips from other astronomers.

I knew that before I dropped any money on a telescope, I wanted to simply sit out under the stars and explore with a little bit of magnification.

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There is nothing quite like viewing through the eyepiece of a telescope and viewing a celestial object with your own eyes. Telescopes come in many shapes and sizes. I wanted to start simple: no electronics or computers. I wanted to be the discoverer.

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The job of a telescope is to gather light from the distant objects. The job of the eyepiece is to magnify those objects for you. Selecting eyepieces takes time and research. I'd like to share my learnings with you.

I've put together an eyepiece selector tool that will allow you to learn more about the combination of the telescope, eyepiece, and optional barlow lense and what that means for you magnification.

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While I don't want to add to the stack of objects between my eye and the object I am viewing, sometimes a filter becomes helpful or even necessary. There are filters that can reduce brightness (seriously, look at the moon for the first time and you will see spots). There are filters that can bring out the nebula and clouds of dust and gas. There are filters that can help your observation location and reduce light pollution.

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When embarking on a night of viewing, there are some essential accessories you will want to have with you. I started with a star chart and red light flashlight to assist me in my observing. These are just a few out of many accessories you can accumulate.

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