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While all objects in the night sky can tell a story, that story is embedded in a historical timeline.

Those who have come before us have shaped where we are today. They used the tools they had available to them to discover the nature around them.

This history is important to understand the big picture of things. The past can help to shape our future. We learn from the successes and failure of those who have gone before us.

Equipped with this knowledge we can work together to help solve the problems around us today.


I'll admit it. When I was in school I wasn't interested in history. I found it boring. I didn't know why I should care about what happened in the past.

I've since found that viewing things in a timeline helps me construct a mental image of how things unfold. This list is not exhaustive, but is put together as a process of my learning.

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All of us have it within us to help those around us. We can do this by helping to discover the undiscovered, and to help solve the problems of our day.

There are many people who have come before us who have made those great discoveries. Some of them did them with great associated risk.

There are many people still alive who continue to help our collective knowledge. They are the astronomers. The scientists. The teachers. Some are friends. Some are aquaintances. Some are family.

I am personally fascinated to dive deeper into the lives of these people and try to understand their mind and thought process.

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As a young boy I had a Discovery Space Shuttle that was one of my favorite toys. I remember how I could open the bay doors and put whatever I wanted in there.

I marvel at these great feets of engineering. We have built spacecraft to orbit our planet. We have built spacecraft to land on other planets and beam back their learnings. We have build spacecraft that is now continuing out beyond the great depths of our solar system.

Some have been great successes, while others have experienced catastrophic failure. This is about highlighting those great space vehicles.

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Sometimes we have a combination of brave people and spacecraft that work together on specific missions with specific goals.

I can only imagine what it would be like to peer out of a spacecraft and view our pale blue dot from the outside. That blue and white swirled marble.

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