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I've always been fascinated with the way the sky is broken up. It's comprised of 88 arbitrary shapes that our ancestors used to define images in the sky. Each night scenes played out before their very eyes.

These images are homes to the many beautiful asterisms, stars, galaxies, and every other object in the night sky. It's their night sky address.


Name Pronunciation Abbreviation Description Area (Square Degrees)
Andromeda an-DRAH-mih-duh And Chained Maiden 722°
Antila ANT-lee-uh Ant Air Pump 239°
Apus APE-us Aps Bird of Paradise 206°
Aquarius uh-QUAIR-ee-us Aqr Water Carrier 980°
Aquila ACK-will-uh Aql Eagle 652°
Ara AIR-uh Ara Altar 237°
Aries AIR-eez Ari Ram 441°
Auriga aw-RYE-guh Aur Charioteer 657°
Bo├Âtes bo-OH-teez Boo Herdsman 907°
Caelum SEE-lum Cae Chisel 125°
Camelopardalis cuh-MEL-oh-PAR-du-liss Cam Giraffe 757°
Cancer CAN-ser Cnc Crab 506°
Canes Venatici CANE-eez ve-NAT-iss-eye CVn Hunting Dogs 465°
Canis Major CANE-iss MAY-jer CMa Greater Dog 380°
Canis Minor CANE-iss MY-ner CMi Lesser Dog 183°
Capricornus CAP-rih-CORN-us Cap Sea Goat 414°
Carina cuh-RYE-nuh Car Keel 494°
Cassiopeia CASS-eh-uh-PEE-uh Cas Seated Queen 598°
Centaurus sen-TOR-us Cen Centaur 1060°
Cepheus SEE-fee-us Cep King 588°
Cetus SEE-tus Cet Sea Monster 1231°
Chamaeleon cuh-MEAL-yum Cha Chameleon 132°
Circinus SER-sin-us Cir Compasses 93°
Columba cuh-LUM-buh Col Dove 270°
Coma Berenices COE-muh BER-uh-NICE-eez Com Berenice's Hair 386°
Corona Australis cuh-ROE-nuh aw-STRAL-iss CrA Southern Crown 128°
Corona Borealis cuh-ROE-nuh bor-ee-AL-iss CrB Northern Crown 179°
Corvus COR-vus Crv Crow 184°
Crater CRAY-ter Crt Cup 282°
Crux CRUCKS Cru Southern Cross 68°
Cygnus SIG-nus Cyg Swan 804°
Delphinus del-FINE-us Del Dolphin 189°
Dorado duh-RAH-do Dor Swordfish 179°
Draco DAY-co Dra Dragon 1083°
Equuleus eh-QUOO-le-us Eql Little Horse 72°
Eridanus ih-RID-uh-us Eri River 1138°
Fornax FOR-naks For Furnace 398°
Gemini JEM-uh-nye Gem Twins 514°
Grus GRUSS Gru Crane 366°
Hercules HER-kyuh-leez Her Strong Man 1225°
Horologium hor-uh-LOE-jee-um Hor Clock 249°
Hydra HIGH-druh Hya Water Serpent (Female) 1303°
Hydrus HIGH-drus Hyi Water Serpent (Male) 243°
Indus IN-dus Ind Indian 294°
Lacerta luh-SER-tuh Lac Lizard 201°
Leo LEE-oh Leo Lion 947°
Leo Minor LEE-oh MY-ner LMi Small Lion 232°
Lepus LEEP-us Lep Hare 290°
Libra LEE-bruh Lib Balance 538°
Lupus LOOP-us Lup Wolf 334°
Lynx LINKS Lyn Lynx 545°
Lyra LYE-ruh Lyr Harp 286°
Mensa MEN-suh Men Table 153°
Microscopium my-cruh-SCOPE-ee-um Mic Microscope 210°
Monoceros muh-NAH-ser-us Mon Unicorn 482°
Musca MUSS-cuh Mus Fly 138°
Norma NOR-muh Nor Square 165°
Octans OCK-tanz Oct Octant 291°
Ophiuchus OFF-ee-YOO-kus Oph Serpent Bearer 948°
Orion oh-RYE-un Ori Hunter 594°
Pavo PAY-vo Pav Peacock 378°
Pegasus PEG-us-us Peg Winged Horse 1121°
Perseus PER-see-us Per Hero 615°
Phoenix FEE-nix Phe Fire Bird 469°
Pictor PICK-ter Pic Easel 247°
Pisces PICE-eez Psc Fishes 889°
Pisces Austrinus PICE-iss aw-STRY-nus PsA Southern Fish 245°
Puppis PUP-iss Pup Stern 673°
Pyxis PIX-iss Pyx Compass 221°
Reticulum rih-TICK-yuh-lum Ret Reticle 114°
Sagitta suh-JIT-uh Sge Arrow 80°
Sagittarius SAJ-ih-TARE-ee-us Sgr Archer 867°
Scorpius SCOR-pee-us Sco Scorpion 497°
Sculptor SCULP-ter Scl Sculptor 475°
Scutum SCOOT-um Sct Shield 109°
Serpens SER-punz Ser Serpent 637°
Sextans SEX-tunz Sex Sextant 314°
Taurus TOR-us Tau Bull 797°
Telescopium tel-ih-SCOPE-ee-um Tel Telescope 252°
Triangulum try-ANG-gyuh-lum Tri Triangle 132°
Triangulum Australe try-ANG-gyuh-lum aw-STRAL-ee TrA Southern Triangle 110°
Tucana took-KAY-nuh Tuc Toucan 295°
Ursa Major ER-suh MAY-jur UMa Great Bear 1280°
Ursa Minor ER-suh MY-ner UMi Little Bear 256°
Vela VEE-luh Vel Sails 500°
Virgo VER-go Vir Virgin 1294°
Volans VOH-lanz Vol Flying Fish 141°
Vulpecula vul-PECK-yuh-luh Vul Fox 268°