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Here is a collection of resources that I have found helpful in learning more about Astronomy. First and foremost I would recommend finding a local astronomy club to get involved.


This is my favorite and preferred method for learning. I love reading. I enjoy reading several books on the same topic, allowing me to learn the constants (the core componences) and the variable (the different perspective of the authors).

There are a handful of books that I purchased and read on my Kindle or iPad. These include all the works of Carl Sagan. There are other books, however, that I simply had to have in print. Books with pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope. Books with star charts. Books with multi-page illustrations or pieces of information.

This list continues to grow everyday, and as I read more I will post my reviews and thoughts of the books.

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Podcasts have become an integral part in my journey of learning more about astronomy. I've subscribed to a handful of informative podcasts that I can listen to in passing or during a long car ride.

Often timess these podcasts will send me on a trail of other tools for learning. Sometimes they simply leave me inspired.

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The web is full of helpful resources and opportunities for learning. There have been a handful of websites that have been instrumental in helping me attain more knowledge on a handful of different subjects.

This is a list of those items that I have found helpful.

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Being a software engineer myself, I sought out some tools that may help me in learning or simply viewing the night sky in a simulated environment.

I personally use a Mac, so this list is geared toward the software I can install and run on my own computer.

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One of the first apps I used was Star Walk. This app allows me to use my phone to peer into the sky and identify the objects I was looking at.

I personally use iOS devices, so this list is geared towards the apps I can install on my iPad and iPhone.

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I still get excited when I walk to my mailbox and see an issue of Astronomy Magazine or Sky and Telescope. These magazines help me stay up-to-date with the latest in Astronomy from month-to-month.

These magazines are packed with great information. Articles on the latest topics, reviews of equipment, profiles of other amateur astronomers, and wonderful sky charts for the given viewing month.

These will be a great resource as you continue to dive deeper into astronomy, no matter what the topic.

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